Stayhealthy’s mission is to empower, inspire, and give hope to individuals, families, and communities to become educated, empowered and engaged in their health. The company does this by providing lifestyle solutions using enhanced engagement technology such as augmented reality. Founded in 1995, the company has been an industry leader at the intersection of technology, health and wellness. Since that time, its innovative FDA cleared technologies and devices have enabled users to measure, track, and change their health for the better.   

Stayhealthy is focused on providing personal solutions to address the growing epidemic of diseases that are linked directly to excess body fat such as Type 2 diabetes, many cancers, stroke, and heart disease. The company’s latest breakthrough is the Body Fact Index (BFI), its patent pending body composition screening tool that uses a augmented reality enhanced mobile platform to demonstrate the effects of excess fat along with the solutions and incentives to reduce it. The result of decades of clinical trials, peer reviewed science and components that have FDA clearance, the BFI is a game changer. 

A component of the BFI has also been designed to replace the inaccurate and outdated BMI. Key to this next innovative solution is bringing micro-scale devices to market that can be integrated with smart phones and tablets to deliver highly accurate, health and wellness solutions at the individual level. The company’s mission is to continue to educate, engage and empower people to make the most of their lives.

Stayhealthy has brought together creative minds from science and medicine, media and entrepreneurship, advertising and design, and technology. Prior to founding Stayhealthy, CEO John Collins had successful careers in the music industry and public relations until a personal life-changing experience led to his passion for transforming healthcare. Stayhealthy’s President, Ziggy Kormandel, has had a celebrated career of over three decades as a creative agency executive and serial entrepreneur who holds multiple patents including for groundbreaking augmented reality tech. Their shared vision has resulted in the merging of patented healthcare technology and AR to deliver unique interactive experiences that educate, engage, and empower people on how to manage their own health.

COLOR QUEST: An ARt Adventure is the company’s debut product in its new mobile platform. 

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COLOR QUEST: An ARt Adventure is dedicated to engaging a child’s interest in learning about their body, healthy lifestyles, and taking control of their own health.

  • According to the Center for Disease Control, “one in five children and young people suffer from excess body fat”. Excess body fat puts children at risk for serious medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol—so it’s critical to educate them from an early age. Many children, in addition to having health-related issues, are also bullied and their self-esteem can be low. 
  • Research shows that valid education about nutrition and engagement with proven solutions is associated with significant improvements in health. It has also been shown that increasing a person’s knowledge about their body and learning healthy habits improves their quality of life and further reduces their healthcare costs. In particular, studies have shown that educating a young person about their health can reduce lifetime healthcare costs up to 30%. 
  • It is also estimated that a 1% reduction in “at risk” adolescents who suffer from excess body fat could reduce U.S. medical costs by over $586 million. The Internet is full of false promises and information which are harmful. There is no magic pill. It take engagement and education.
  • Stayhealthy’s goal for COLOR QUEST: An ARt Adventure is to successfully address the epidemic of excess body fat at the earliest stage in a child’s life through education and engagement.


  • COLOR QUEST: An ARt Adventure educates children in a fun, unique way about healthy foods and the human body.
  • Helps children focus
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Supports stress relief


  • Augmented reality is a technology that superimposes a digital image or video on a user’s view of the real world.
  • The addition of AR to the experience offers a fun, powerful engagement and educational tool.
  • Stayhealthy’s AR has the added benefit of not requiring expensive wearables or headsets. 
  • Augmented reality gives users the ability to move a mobile phone or tablet to any location where they would like to see their completed character and place it right there—and it will appear just the way they colored it!
  • Children and users’ response has been very enthusiastic—where else does health and technology such as AR merge?