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Color Quest AR Children’s Health App Passes 55 Million Views On YouTube

Color Quest AR Children’s Health App Passes 50 Million Views On YouTube

Popular Augmented Reality Coloring Activity App Achieves New Milestone

Stayhealthy’s video for its successful Color Quest AR coloring app, which is dedicated to educating and engaging children about their health, has just passed over 50 million views on YouTube. The video, “Learn to live a healthier life with Color Quest!” features all of the fun and learning about children’s health that has also led the app to be downloaded over 1,400,000 times, averaging 12,000 downloads a day.

“The response to Color Quest AR continues to be absolutely amazing,” said Ziggy Kormandel, President of Stayhealthy. “Passing the fifty million mark on YouTube really shows that our message about educating and engaging children about their health is resonating with both kids and their parents. It’s very rewarding to see how the Color Quest AR brand has been growing especially with our new Superfood Super Group, the Snack Town All-Stars, who feature some of the most popular Color Quest characters. Their dance music videos have over a million video streams, so they’re obviously hitting a positive note by getting children to be more active.” 

“It’s great that the app has also received 5-star reviews from the Educational App Store, has been the number one trending education app in Google Play and the number one iPad app for education in over 24 countries,” added Stayhealthy CEO, John Collins. “But most important to us is that through Color Quest AR, we are addressing the epidemic of childhood obesity head-on by teaching children about healthy eating and how their own bodies work. Educating a child about their health can reduce their future lifetime healthcare costs up to 30%. A recent CNN report indicated that over 250 million children will be obese worldwide by 2030. We cannot allow that to happen.”

Stayhealthy is the first company to combine healthcare and augmented reality to deliver personalized health benefits across a variety of platforms for both children and adults. The patent-pending Color Quest AR is the first coloring activity app to use patented augmented reality to create unique educational experiences that engage children about health through lifestyle tips, teaching them about their bodies and about healthy foods. Stayhealthy Music and Entertainment’s new dance videos for children featuring the Snack Town All-Stars band are providing musical entertainment combined with education to get them to be more active while they are learning.

For more information: colorquestapp.com

About Stayhealthy, Inc.

Founded in 1995, Stayhealthy Inc. is a healthcare technology company that has brought together the most advanced tools to measure, track, and change the health and wellness status of millions of users. Over the decades, Stayhealthy has learned what doesn’t work in healthcare, and as a result, has identified engagement, education and retention as its core strategic initiatives. Stayhealthy is now launching a mobile platform with apps based on highly accurate, clinically valid screening tools delivered with patented augmented reality technology.

Led by Chairman and former Secretary of Health and Human Services, Governor Tommy Thompson, Stayhealthy’s mission has been focused on successfully addressing the growing epidemic of diseases that are linked directly to excess body fat such as many cancers, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

For more information visit www.stayhealthy.com.

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