Daily Kids Health Fact

After coloring, a health fact about that character is presented. Every character has five health facts that can be learned. And even if users repeat drawings, they will continue to learn with new, helpful health facts shown every time they color.

All health facts have been sourced from reputable sources such as the CDC, NIH, and other institutions and organizations. For more information on any of the facts, please email us at: info@stayhealthy.com

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Little Known Facts About

Noodle the Brain
  • Did you know that an adult brain weighs about 3.3 pounds?
  • Did you know that your brain stops growing when you are 18 years old?
  • Can you imagine your brain may have up to 70,000 thoughts per day?!
  • Did you know your brain is 73% water? Make sure to stay hydrated!
  • Did you know that the left side of your brain controls the right side of your body, and the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body?
Bean the Kidney
  • Did you know that your kidneys clean out your body to keep you healthy and full of energy?
  • Did you know you have two kidneys but can live with only one?
  • Did you know that the kidney in your mom or dad is about the size of a small cell phone?
  • Did you know that the kidneys monitor blood health, and help maintain your blood pressure?
  • Did you know that the kidneys help maintain the number of blood cells in your body?
Huff and Puff the Lungs
  • Did you know that our lungs allow oxygen from the air you breathe to get soaked up by our blood?
  • Did you know lungs remove carbon dioxide (a bad chemical to have inside your body) from your blood so you can breathe it out?
  • Did you know you have two lungs, one on the left and one on the right side of your chest?
  • Did you know adults breathe between 12 and 20 times a minute when doing normal activities?
  • Did you know that adults breathe about 2,905 gallons of air per day? Children breathe a little less since their lungs are smaller.
Chopper the Liver
  • Did you know that our liver is the largest solid organ in the body
  • Do you know that your liver filters your blood and cleans it for you?
  • Did you know that your liver takes the good stuff from food you eat and turns it into something that your body can use for energy production?
  • Did you know that if you eat something bad, the liver works to break it down so your body can get rid of it safely?
  • Did you know that the liver looks like an Ankylosaurus (a type of dinosaur) if you add legs, eyes, a mouth and some spikes?
Happy the Heart
  • Did you know that the heart is a pump that sends blood through your body?
  • Did you know your heart is inside your chest under your ribs slightly to the left?
  • Did you know your heart is made up of four chambers: the left and right atrium, and the left and right ventricle?
  • Did you know the body uses tiny bits of electricity to make the heart contract and pump in a regular and continuous order?
  • Did you know that blood leaving the heart goes through pipes in your body that are called arteries?
Pat the Stomach
  • Did you know that your stomach contains acid that helps break down the food you eat into a soup that your body can later digest and absorb?
  • Did you know that when you blush, your stomach does also?
  • Did you know that an adult’s stomach can hold about four pints of food and drinks at any one time? That’s like 10 juice boxes!
  • Did you know your stomach starts to break down food so it can be absorbed into the body later to give you energy?
  • Did you know that what you eat matters, not just how much you eat? Foods high in sugar digest faster and so you feel hungry again sooner.
Cole the Colon
  • Did you know the colon is nearly six feet long (same size as a large snake) and is the last part of the intestines?
  • Did you know it can take up to 48 hours for food you’ve eaten to finally reach the colon, which is the last step of digestion?
  • Did you know that your colon can absorb up to 2 pints of water a day as it prepares to eliminate waste from the body?
  • Did you know your colon is also called your large intestine?
  • Did you know your colon is the last place any food you have eaten gets to before you poop? Ew!
Piper the Intestine
  • Did you know that your small intestines are a part of your body that converts food to energy?
  • Did you know that your intestines can be up to 16 feet long? That is longer than an average python, and somehow it all fits in your body!
  • Did you know the intestine is a pipe-like muscle that pushes food through while breaking it down and converting it to energy?
  • Did you know that to keep your body and intestine healthy you should do lots of activities like running, jumping, sliding, and swimming?
  • Did you know that over your lifetime, you can consume up to 50 tons of food and drink, and it all passes through your digestive system?
Santana the Banana
  • Did you know that a banana is actually a berry?
  • Did you know that eating a banana is good for your tummy and is a good snack between meals?
  • Did you know that banana skin can be used to make clothes?
  • Did you know bananas are a food that helps your heart be strong? The part you eat inside is full of healthy things.
  • Did you know that scientists have found bananas can help keep your eyes healthy? Just don’t rub banana in your eyes.
Zesty The Lemon
  • Did you know that that sour taste in lemons can be good for you? But it’s best to mix it as lemonade to make it taste better!
  • Did you know that if you drink warm lemon juice mixed with honey it can soothe a sore throat?
  • Did you know that starting your day with some lemon juice in hot water can get your tummy feeling warm and yummy?
  • Did you know that asking mom to rub lemon juice on poison ivy or insect bites can soothe the itchy skin?
  • Did you know that lemons contain something healthy called vitamin C? It helps your skin, nails and hair stay healthy and strong!
Clementine the Orange
  • Did you know that as well as tasting great oranges contain many ingredients doctors want to see you eating?
  • Did you know that doctors have found that eating oranges helps fight skin damage caused by the sun and air pollution?
  • Did you know that eating oranges can help your skin stay healthy?
  • Did you know that eating oranges can help maintain your energy level and lead to healthy blood and digestion of sugars?
  • Did you know oranges are listed as a low fat, nutrient rich food that is good for those trying to lose weight?
Bob the Apple
  • Did you know apples have been shown help your body keep a healthy sugar level?
  • Did you know apples are a good food for stomach health?
  • Do you have asthma? If you don’t know, ask your mom. If you do, eating apples may help!
  • Are strong bones important? Yes, if you want to run and climb and swing from a rope! Eating apples can help make your bones strong.
  • Did you know apples have been found to be good for brain health?
Pierre the Pear
  • Did you know that eating pears can be good for your bones?
  • Did you know pears are a good source of iron? Iron is important for keeping your body healthy.
  • Wow, did you know your tummy likes pears as they help it work better?
  • Did you know eating pears is unlikely to make you get fatter?
  • Did you know that even though a pear does not look like a heart, eating a pear can be good for your heart?
Vinny the Grape
  • Did you know grapes are great for young-uns like you? Eat away!
  • What did the grape say to the bunch of grapes? You look like a heart! But actually, eating grapes is good for your heart!
  • Did you know that black grapes are good for your tummy and help your body digest food?
  • Did you know eating grapes is good for your skin?
  • Did you know eating black grapes helps your hair feel supple and shiny?
Pina the Pineapple
  • Did you know that after getting the prickly skin off, pineapple is a great source of food and tastes great too?
  • Did you know that getting your grandparents to eat pineapple may help their stiff joints?
  • Did you know eating pineapple helps you digest food?
  • Did you know pineapples can help keep your heart and bones healthy? Eating pineapple makes it easier to play all day without getting hurt!
  • Wow, eating pineapple helps avoid or reduce those annoying pimples and helps keep skin soft and smooth!
George the Peach
  • Did you know peaches are full of vitamins?
  • Did you know that peaches have lots of minerals, which your body needs to function properly?
  • Did you know peaches are good for your heart? Try one today!
  • Did you know that peaches help keep your tummy in tip top condition so you can enjoy your food?
  • Did you know peaches are a good source of vitamin C, which helps protect you from getting sick?
Manny the Mango
  • If you have not tried a mango, try one! It’s a delicious fruit that is good for your hair and skin, and has a cool looking pit in the middle!
  • Did you know mangos help keep your sugar levels normal?
  • Did you know eating mangos is linked to improving your eye health?
  • Do you have asthma? Mangos have vitamin A which helps people with asthma, as does papaya, apricots, and broccoli.
  • Did you know that mangos contain something called vitamin K that is great for keeping bones strong and healthy?
Caesar the Lettuce
  • We all love eating lettuce right? Good thing we do, since it provides almost all the vitamins and minerals a person could need. Wow!
  • Did you know you could eat lettuce all day and never get fat?
  • Did you know lettuce can help keep your eyes healthy and skin beautiful? Hooray for Vitamin A!
  • Did you know eating lettuce regularly helps your body develop resistance to illnesses?
  • Did you know fresh lettuce is full of nutrients that help your blood, heart, and energy levels?
Pearl the Onion
  • Try chewing a little raw sweet onion for a few minutes – it’s a great way to reduce the harmful bacteria that attack your teeth!
  • Did you know eating onions raw or cooked has been shown to be good for heart health?
  • Did you know onions can make you cry? Don’t stand too close when they’re being chopped up!
  • Is your head or nose stuffy? Peeling and eating onions can be quite helpful in loosening that stuffy feeling!
  • Next time you get stung by a bee, rub a piece of onion onto it (or ask Mom for an EpiPen if you need it!). This will bring immediate relief to some of the pain.
Roma the Tomato
  • Did you know eating tomatoes (and even ketchup which is made from tomatoes) is a good way to prevent damage that can give you cancers later in life?
  • Did you know tomatoes are full of vitamin C? No wonder mom is always trying to get you to eat some, since vitamin C is so good for you.
  • Did you know that eating tomatoes helps prevent fat from blocking up your arteries and veins? You want to make sure your blood is able to flow freely through your body.
  • Eating a tomato a day helps keep your blood pressure normal. Your blood pressure is what your doctor measures with that funny cuff that squeezes your arm.
  • Did you know there are hundreds of different types of tomatoes that come in different colors like orange, yellow, green and pink?
Carl The Carrot
  • Did you know that eating carrots is good for your eyes and helps you see well at night?
  • Did you know that eating carrots regularly can lower your risk of eye problems when you get older?
  • Eating lots of carrots is great for your skin especially if you go outdoors a lot!
  • Did you know eating carrots helps your liver stay squeaky clean and healthy?
  • Did you know chewing on raw carrots is good for your teeth and gums?
Colonel Cobb the Corn
  • Did you know eating corn on the cob can help your eyes stay healthy?
  • Did you know eating corn is good for your blood and helps it stay nice and red?
  • Did you know that fiber is good for you? It’s the bits in corn that get stuck in your teeth.
  • Did you know corn is an excellent snack and provides energy longer than sugar or biscuits? Grab that corn on the cob and munch away.
  • Did you know popcorn is made from the same corn you eat on the cob? It’s just popped corn!
Button the Mushroom
  • Who likes mushrooms? I do! They are good for your bones and skin, how about trying one or two?
  • Did you know eating mushrooms might help your body defend itself against illnesses?
  • Did you know mushrooms are 90% water? No wonder they are so juicy and delicious when cooked!
  • Did you know that B vitamins are needed to turn food into fuel, and mushrooms have lots of B vitamins?
  • Did you know over 10,000 different types of mushrooms have been found in the world?
Pitz The Cherry
  • Did you know that cherries are not only tasty, but also provide vital nutrition for your growing body? They contain fiber, protein and super vitamins C and A!
  • Did you know that eating cherries can be good for you as it helps the body protect itself from diseases?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping after a long day of school and play? Eating some cherries can help you fall asleep and stay asleep.
  • Did you know that the fiber in cherries helps lower the risk of colon cancer?
  • Did you know that cherries might enhance your memory? Might be a good thing just before that math test next week!
Ruby the Strawberry
  • Did you know strawberries are considered a “powerhouse fruit” since they contain so many healthy things?
  • Did you know strawberries are a good source of antioxidants? Antioxidants help keep your heart healthy.
  • Did you know strawberries have lots of vitamin C? Vitamin C is good for you, and helps you get better when you’re feeling sick.
  • Did you know that strawberries not only taste good, but are also good for your body? Eat away!
  • Did you know that strawberries are a good source of fiber? Fiber helps your tummy digest foods better.
Sunny The Egg
  • Did you know eggs are one of nature’s most nutritious foods? They are full of healthy things your body needs. Just make sure they are fully cooked when you eat them!
  • Did you know eggs are one of the few natural foods that contains vitamin D? Vitamin D helps you build strong bones – eat some eggs today!
  • Did you know eggs are a good source of protein? Protein helps keep your muscles strong and gives you energy to play all day.
  • Did you know eggs are a good thing to eat for breakfast? It is even better if you eat your eggs with some fruits and vegetables!
  • Do you want to grow tall and strong? If you do, eat some eggs! Eating eggs can help young ones like you grow.